Recruitment Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like to work at Faithlife?

Each person’s experience is unique. Faithlife’s Glassdoor page provides a holistic view of the company culture. You can also check out the following video:

Working at Faithlife

What is it like to work at Faithlife de México?

En Faithlife de México incorporamos la cultura laboral de Faithlife USA cumpliendo el marco legal de México. Nuestros desarrolladores mexicanos forman parte de diversos equipos estadounidenses trabajando de forma remota desde México. Valoramos la calidad de vida y familiar de cada desarrollador, destacando el trato íntegro hacia nuestros colaboradores.

At Faithlife de México we incorporate the work culture of Faithlife USA in compliance with the Mexican legal framework. Our Mexican developers are part of various U.S. teams working remotely from Mexico. We value the quality of life and family life of each developer, highlighting the integrity of our employees.

Where can I learn more about Faithlife Products?

Check out our Faithlife Products landing page to see a full list of all of our awesome products.

Does Faithlife allow remote work?

Yes! Faithlife allows remote work in these states and in Mexico.

Our goal is for remote work to be as collaborative, enjoyable, and flexible as possible. Here are some of the ways our remote workers stay connected:

  1. Monthly Software Development Lunch Groups specifically for remote workers!
  2. Virtual Tech Talks every 2–3 months.
  3. Weekly Virtual Demo Days that provide the opportunity to see what’s happening in the tech side of the company and showcase the cool things you’re working on.
  4. Virtual launch celebrations.
  5. Wellness activities and giveaways.
  6. Holiday gifts.

How does Faithlife handle time zone differences?

For your first few weeks of onboarding, you will be expected to work the same, or very close to the same, hours as your onboarding buddy. Once you have your footing, we generally recommend everyone try to be online between 10 am and 2 pm Pacific Time. This gives decent overlap for the various time zones.

What does the “ideal” candidate look like for this role?

We don’t have a “one size fits all” approach. For technical roles, we look for people who are excited to grow and learn new technologies. We also look for experience utilizing our tech stack (.NET, JavaScript, React, MySQL). For software development leadership roles, we look for candidates who have experience leading a team or teams while remaining hands-on in the code.

What’s included in the interview process?

Check out this blog post to see Faithlife’s Software Development Interview Process in its entirety.

Is there anything specific I should prepare for prior to the interview?

We recommend the following:

  1. Read through our Glassdoor reviews to get a sense of what it’s like to work at Faithlife.
  2. Look through our products listed on — is there a specific product you’d like to work on? If so, tell the person/people you interview with!
  3. We recommend answering behavioral interview questions utilizing the STAR interview format. Here’s an article that describes how to use STAR.
  4. You’re interviewing us just as much as we’re interviewing you! Prior to your interview, we recommend that you write down the questions you’d like to ask us.
  5. Have fun! We’re excited to get to know you better and have designed our interview process to showcase you at your best. Part of the reason we let developers use their favorite IDE in the coding challenge is because we want you to feel comfortable, confident, and excited to code. Best of luck in your interview! We’re rooting for you.

What language will I use for pair programming?

We have two separate pair programming sessions done at different stages in the interview process.

In the first pair programming, you’re able to choose the language that you’re most comfortable with. Prior to the interview, you’ll receive an email with information that outlines the coding problem you’ll be working on. While we’d like you to have your IDE ready, you shouldn’t write code ahead of time.

In the second pair programming, we want to see you write code in an unfamiliar situation. Most of the time, we choose the IDE and language you’ll code in and don’t provide the coding question ahead of time. As in the first pair programming, you’ll want to use Chrome (not Safari) when linking to the video call.

Faithlife’s Software Development interview process is designed to gradually increase in difficulty. Our goal is not to trip you up but to see a holistic view of your soft skills and technical abilities.

Still have questions? Check out this blog post to see Faithlife’s Software Development Interview Process in its entirety.

What is Faithlife’s Tech Stack?

We primarily develop using C#, JavaScript/TypeScript, React, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, and Azure. If you don’t have experience with one of the listed technologies, still apply! We don’t expect anyone to have experience with each of the technologies in our tech stack.

What does it take to be successful in this role?

We look for people who live out our HOAGIES values. HOAGIES stands for:

Core Values

Honesty — Speak the truth with courage and kindness.
Openness — Share generously, keep asking questions.
Awesomeness — Provoke delighted exclamations: make the customer giggle.
Growth — Onward, upward: growing the church, growing each other.
Initiative — The person you’re waiting for is you.
Elegance — Everything you need and nothing more.
Shipping — Our products can’t help anyone until they have them.

Department Values

In addition to our company values (HOAGIES), Faithlife has Software Development Values.

Responsible for planning, managing, and delivery of tasks and projects.

Ownership — Getting the job done
Effectiveness — Doing the right job
Efficiency — Doing the job right

Working together, sharing responsibility, and growing co-workers.

Participation — Sharing your perspective
Collaboration — Working together
Leadership — Growing from others

Building elegant software that equips the Church.

Direction — Seeing the purpose
Breadth — Growing your skillset
Depth — Mastering skills

What’s the salary range for this role?

Salaries for each role are reviewed annually to ensure Faithlife stays competitive. The exact salary for this role depends on your background/experience and isn’t something that can be assessed this early in the interview process.

Prior to your first phone interview, please determine what your desired salary range is. At the end of the first phone interview, you’ll have the opportunity to tell the interviewer your desired salary range.

Posted by Maria Smithson on May 18, 2021