Faithlife’s Software Developer Interview Process

The goal of this blog post is to prepare you to get a software development job at Faithlife! If you have additional questions after reading this article, check out this blog post that outlines FAQs during Faithlife’s Software Development Interview Process.

Our interview process typically takes one to two months from the initial interview to offer. If you have other interviews close to the offer stage, please let us know! Most of the time, we can make the interview process speedier to accommodate you.

1. Phone Screen (1–2 rounds)

The initial phone screen is with a recruiter, engineering manager, or software development group lead and lasts 30–60 minutes. You can anticipate a mix of behavioral and technical questions.

2. Digital Pair Programming #1

This stage consists of a 60–90 minute pair programming session. You’ll be able to choose the language you’re most comfortable with. Before the interview, you’ll receive an email with information that outlines the coding problem you’ll be working on. While we’d like you to have your IDE ready, you shouldn’t write code ahead of time.

For Faithlife de México Interviews:

In addition to the pair programming, you can anticipate a 30–60 minute meeting with some of our Faithlife de México employees.

3. Virtual Onsite (Pair Programming #2 + Development Team Meeting + Development Team Management Meeting)

The virtual on-site consists of a 90-minute pair programming session followed by a 90-minute meeting with some of our Faithlife employees and a 30-minute meeting with Development Team Management.

In the second pair programming, we want to see you write code in an unfamiliar situation. Most of the time, we choose the IDE and language you’ll code in and don’t provide the coding question ahead of time. As in the first pair programming, you’ll want to use Chrome (not Safari) when linking to the video call.

Faithlife’s Software Development interview process is designed to gradually increase in difficulty. Our goal is not to trip you up but to see a holistic view of your soft skills and technical abilities.

4. Offer

Before an offer, we extend a preliminary offer which includes benefits information + offer specifics. After agreeing to the preliminary offer, you’ll receive the official offer. We then run a background check, speak with references, and finalize a start date. Once that’s completed, you’re officially a Faithlife employee! Congratulations!

We value your input! If you have recommendations on how we can improve our interview process, please email

Posted by Maria Smithson on May 19, 2021