If you’ve been following the company blog, you’ve probably guessed why this blog has been quiet for so long. Today (after four years of development, and two months of intense private beta testing) we released Logos Bible Software 4, the major upgrade to our flagship product. This was a ground-up rewrite in C#, WPF, and .NET 3.5 (as you can probably tell from the topics previously covered here), with a dash of C++/CLI and legacy code.

We got to play with a lot of cool new technology as we developed it (we started developing with VS2008 Beta 2, and upgraded to pre-release versions of WPF along the way) and learnt a lot, which I hope we can turn into some interesting blog topics in the next few months. And now that we’re “done”, we’re looking forward to upgrading to .NET 4.0 and targeting the new features introduced in Windows 7. (And I hope our growing Mac team might chime in with some OS X-specific posts, too.)

Meanwhile, our web team delivered major improvements to the infrastructure behind logos.com (which supports Logos 4), as well as developing the back-end for our iPhone app.

I think this is the part where I mention that we’re hiring… if you’re interested in Bible software, iPhone, WPF, web, Mac, or slaving away on a 15-year-old legacy codebase (just kidding!), we’ve got a spot on our growing teams.

Posted by Bradley Grainger on November 02, 2009