Introduction: Bill Simpkins

In high school I was horrible at anything remotely technical, except for music. I began teaching guitar and music theory when I was 16 and then took my own sweet time in community college while I was singing and playing guitar in various rock bands. In the mid 90’s I took an interest in astronomy, which led to physics, which led to math and programming. In 2001 I received my B.S in Mathematics from WWU(with about all the coursework for a physics). I occasionally go back and take classes.

I continued to work as an audio engineer, which I did all through college to pay the bills, until I became a financial analyst at a large insurance company(I got married). I mined tons of data and became rather good with Oracle and SQL Server, along with creating makeshift dashboards using Java, XML, Javascript, HTML and butchered PostScript. I later worked at a hospital doing data analysis and creating data mining tools in C# and VB. On my free time I created simulators in C++ to test gambling schemes.

I started work at LOGOS as a Web Developer in October 2007 and I enjoy the innovative environment very much. I work on a variety of projects including, but not limited to, data integration and CRM development.

I am currently interested in Object Databases, physics processing and mathematics engines. When I’m not programming I climb cliffs and mountains, snowboard and play music.

Posted by Bill Simpkins on October 07, 2008