Author Introduction: Bradley Grainger

My name is Bradley Grainger. I completed my B.Sc. in Computer Science at the University of Auckland in 1999 and have been employed as a software developer by Logos Bible Software since 2000.

I started programming with Microsoft BASIC (and Z80 assembly language) on my dad’s TRS-80 Model 4 before graduating to GW-BASIC and 80286 assembly on a Tandy 1000 TL/2 PC. Since then I’ve mostly used QuickBASIC, C++, JavaScript, SQL, and C#; other languages I have dabbled in include Perl, Python, Ruby, Haskell and F#. While C# is my primary language these days, every now and then I fall back to my x86 assembly roots when the law of leaky abstractions rears its ugly head and we need to figure out what’s actually happening when JITted MSIL is executed; I’ll be chronicling some of the more interesting discoveries in this area in the “Debugging” category.

One of the things I greatly enjoy about working at Logos is being part of a small, focused team of great coders (including my wife, who works in our web development department). If an environment that encourages great code is appealing to you, check out for our current openings.

Posted by Bradley Grainger on April 02, 2008