Welcome to code.logos.com!

The software developers at Logos Bible Software have decided to start a blog here at code.logos.com. Our target audience is other software developers; we get a lot of value from reading the blogs of other software developers, so we hope to return the favor in some small way. (Along the way, we’re also hoping to convince you that Logos is a great place to work; check out http://www.logos.com/jobs for openings!)

My name is Ed Ball. I have been a software developer at Logos since 1995, not including my summer internship in 1994. Over the years, we’ve used a wide variety of computer languages and technologies. We’ve got experience with C++, JavaScript, C#, SQL, and even Perl. We’ve created products with Win32, MFC, ATL, HTML, ASP.NET, Windows Forms, and, most recently, WPF and WCF. Since most of our development is currently using C# and the latest .NET Framework technologies, I imagine that many of our posts will reflect that.

We’ve got lots of code to write, so this won’t be the busiest blog you’re subscribed to, but we hope to post enough to make it worth your while. Stay tuned!

Posted by Ed Ball on January 04, 2008