Hello, my name is Jacob Carpenter. I’m another software developer here at Logos, and this is my obligatory introduction post:

My first “job” for Logos, back in 1999, involved cleaning up latitude/longitude data for the world time application, ActiveEarth (web archive). I was paid in pizza and carbonated beverages, good wages for a high school student.

Following graduation, I was hired full-time to the Electronic Text Development (ETD) department working for Eli and Rick. My programming experience at the time was limited to typing in BASIC programs from the back of Boys’ Life magazine. Despite my “limited experience,” they taught me regular expressions and Perl.

I’ve grown a lot as a developer–and have learned many more languages–since then, and I look forward to sharing some of the great code we write here at Logos. I also maintain a blog at

Posted by Jacob Carpenter on January 14, 2008